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About Us

Firm on Foundations
The company began in 1999 as a partnership firm in Hyderabad. We have grown with a dedicated and experienced workforce achieving desired results going beyond  expectations. Royal Home Constructions is the brainchild of four highly successful  businessmen in civil engineering, real estate and financial sectors. The company represents the best of professionalism and excellence in construction field. We are  credited with successful track record and profitability in relatively short yet eventful period of existence.

Value-Added Services:
The services of Royal Home Constructions include identification of land, project conceptualization, designing, construction, marketing, estate management, advising established companies / high net worth individuals on their property requirements, organizing site inspections, legal documentation work, assistance in procurement of Stamp Papers and complete registration process, arrangement of loans from financial institutions / banks.

We are proud of our
Commitment to client satisfaction throughout each and every deal
Transparent dealings
Superior organizational capabilities
Ethical business conduct
Corporate governance practices

The Personnel

The Pillars of Strength
Three enterprising and dedicated professionals in their mid-30s joined us with a single-minded objective of making it big in construction industry. They created value both for the customers and company. Each of them has taken the company to greater heights by creating new avenues and pushing new frontiers.

He is an engineering graduate with experience in planning, implementing and supervising the projects. Having served as a Technical Consultant to several companies, his  experience in the execution of projects proved valuable. He is recognized for his leadership and strategic planning skills. He is always on lookout for innovative technologies, he helps the company to stay ahead in the exponential curve in  construction industry.

A post-graduate in Business Administration, Mr Nithin has vast experience in the financial dealings. He held responsible and challenging positions in Finance and Accounts in several organizations. He enjoys connecting with people and thrives on a   variety of challenges in construction field. His strengths are financial planning, reporting and a solid understanding of accounting and tax issues. He is known for sound financial management and deft handling of legal aspects in the organization.

The Glorious Past
Royal Home Constructions has executed 18 prestigious projects in and around Hyderabad and carved a niche in field. Comfort, convenience, luxury, quality and affordability are the salient features of all ventures. The residential complexes developed and built are elegant epitomes of luxurious living. They are hailed by the residents as ‘tranquil retreats of mind-body-soul experience’. Client referrals are the exclusive strength of our company. It is no exaggeration to say that major chunk of business by the company is through clients’ word of mouth. We are proud to say that we enjoy a high degree of credibility among our clients.

Sound Financial Backing
Royal Homes has a sound financial base that allows the organization to carry out its functions without any hindrance. The company is growing from strength to strength.


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